Nova Pole

Nova Pole International Inc., a Canadian-owned company incorporated in 1986, is a reputable cost effective, high quality and volume producer of infrastructure poles. We manufacture and market tubular steel poles for use in highway and street lighting, traffic signage, electrical distribution systems, transmission towers, cellular towers, telecommunications systems, solar lighting systems and decorative for streetscape lighting poles and fixtures. Our specialty is fast deliveries of top quality engineered poles.

Nova Pole's product line consists of a wide range of high quality metal poles suitable for a variety of applications. Lighting pole designs include single davit, double davit, straight tapered, square tapered, straight square, straight round, octagonal hinged and high mast lighting. Decorative, non-standard and custom designs are also produced to customer specifications.

Nova Pole is certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) and Canadian Standard Association (CSA) and manufactures all its products in accordance with their standards. It also performs to the ISO 9001 QA program requirements.

Nova Pole has several full time engineers on staff to provide detailed structural engineering designs as part of its overall sales support. Design codes used include standard specifications for structural supports for highway signs, luminaries and traffic signals, Canadian highway bridge design code, and respective antenna and tower design codes.

Nova Pole provides turnkey pole plant equipment, training and technology to international customers establishing pole production facilities in their own countries. International equipment sales are contracted as part of Joint Venture Agreements, which allows for a share of the foreign operation's risks and potentials. This form of arrangement melds Nova Pole's technical expertise with local partner's business networks and reputation.

Nova's focus in the establishment of joint ventures is not merely in equipment sales, but the transfer of technical skills, both in the equipment design and use as well as steel pole engineering, marketing and support. Comprehensive training in all aspects of plant operations, sales and marketing, and administration is provided both in Canada and in the joint venture's locale.

Nova's technology allows the Company to produce precision defect-free steel poles in higher volumes and more cost effectively than would otherwise be possible using traditional methods. An on-going research and development program enables Nova Pole to produce high quality, reliable production machinery at a comparatively low capital cost.

Nova Pole manufactures and distributes its products from two modern, highly efficient plants, a 40,000 sq. ft facility in suburban Vancouver British Columbia and a 60,000 sq. ft facility in suburban Edmonton Alberta. Both Plants are new, with fully updated state of the art double line high volume production lines designed to handle both heavy duty structure production and lighter duty production.

Nova Pole's customers include major utility companies, telecommunication companies, provincial and municipal government agencies and developers located in Canada, as well as in the United States and overseas.

Our customers enjoy our fast deliveries of high volume top quality engineered structures to serve a full range of infrastructure needs. Let us help to light up your world!