Workzone Temporary Traffic Control

Work Zone Temporary Traffic Control Technician Certification Program

Program Description:
This is an entry-level seminar to review basic and advanced methods of Temporary Traffic Control in Work Zones. This course reviews principles for the design, installation, and maintenance of traffic control devices and identifies applicable standards for common urban, rural, and freeway situations. You will review traffic control theory and devices, hand signaling devices, typical situations for construction, and traffic terminology. Problems of traffic control may occur when traffic must be moved through or around road or street construction, maintenance operations, utility work, and incidents on or adjacent to the roadway. This two-day seminar establishes principles to be observed in the design, installation, and maintenance of traffic control devices, and identifies standards where applicable. The general principles outlined are applicable to both rural and urban situations. You will review: • Guidelines for using traffic control devices • Typical situations for construction • Traffic terminology • Work zone temporary traffic control and safety review notes • State and/or local design standards. The Work Zone Temporary Traffic Control Technician Study Guide is based on the current edition of the MUTCD and includes Part 6: Temporary Traffic Control. Moderators will use a DVD PowerPoint presentation to present materials.

There are NO prerequisites for taking the Work Zone Temporary Traffic Control Technician seminar. This is an introductory level seminar. This seminar, or an approved equivalent, is a prerequisite for Roadway Lighting, Sign and Pavement Marking, and Traffic Signal Technician Programs.

Who Should Participate:
In addition to those who are taking this seminar as the prerequisite for other IMSA certifications, it is recommended to all workers who work within the public right-of-way or next to vehicular traffic, workers having specific Temporary Traffic Control responsibilities, and all responsible parties who plan, install through design, construction, maintenance, utility, incident zones, and planned special events. 

Benefits of This Program:
This seminar on Work Zone Temporary Traffic Control was specifically developed by the principles and procedures which experience has shown to enhance the safety of motorists, pedestrians, workers, and the general public in the vicinity of work areas. Upon completion of this course and passing a comprehensive 100-question exam, the student will be certified by IMSA as a Work Zone Temporary Traffic Control Technician and receive a certificate and wallet card.