Traffic Signal Inspector Level 1 Study Guide (US$)

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The IMSA Traffic Signal Inspection Certification Program is designed to ensure public safety by helping individuals to understand fundamental concepts associated with the inspection for construction of traffic signal installations. Traffic Signals are a key element in our transportation system and the proper operation of these signals is of paramount importance in maintaining reasonable levels of mobility. Knowledgeable traffic signal inspection is required to ensure that proper/specified construction practices are followed during signal installation resulting in signals that operate as intended. Knowledgeable inspection is also a key element in limiting the liability exposure of governmental agencies associated with malfunctioning traffic signals. 

Traffic Signal Inspection Certification is recommended for all individuals involved in the inspection of traffic signal construction. It is also a valuable course for contractor personnel, since it provides an inspector’s viewpoint of traffic signal construction. 

Topics covered in the Traffic Signal Inspection Certification Course Manual include:
- Introduction to Traffic Signal Inspection
- Inspection of Underground Facilities
- Inspection of Traffic Signal Supports
- Inspection of Overhead Equipment
- Inspection of the Vehicular and Pedestrian Detection Systems
- Inspection of the Controller Assembly
- Safety Requirements
- Final Acceptance and Turn-On. 

As an addition to the printed manual an interactive version of the Traffic Signal Inspection Training Manual is also available on CD ROM.


Manual Only.  CD ROM Optional.

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