Traffic Signal Inspector Level 1 Certification Program

Program Description:
The IMSA Traffic Signal Inspector Certification seminar is designed to ensure public safety by helping individuals understand fundamental concepts asso - ciated with the inspection for construction of traffic signal installations. Traffic signals are a key element in our transportation system and the proper operation of these signals is of paramount importance in main - taining reasonable levels of mobility. Traffic signal inspection is required to ensure that proper and specified construction practices are followed during signal installation, resulting in signals that operate as intended. Inspection knowledge is also a key element in limiting the liability exposure of governmental agencies associated with mal func tioning traffic signals. Traffic Signal Inspector Certification is recommended for all individuals involved in the inspection of traffic signal construction. It is also a valuable course for contractor personnel, since it provides an inspector’s viewpoint of traffic signal construction. Topics covered in the Traffic Signal Inspector

Certification Course Manual include:

  • Introduction to traffic signal inspection • Inspection of underground facilities  Inspection of traffic signal supports
  • Inspection of overhead equipment
  • Inspection of conduit and cable
  • Inspection of vehicular and pedestrian detection systems
  • Inspection of the controller assembly
  • Safety requirements
  • Final acceptance and turn-on

In addition to the printed manual, an interactive version of the Traffic Signal Inspector Training Manual is also available on CD-ROM. There are no prerequisites or experience re quire - ments for the inspector program; however, the student must pass a comprehensive 100-question written exam to obtain certification. After fulfilling the requirements for certification, the student will receive a wallet card and a certificate suitable for framing which pronounces the student an IMSA “Traffic Signal Inspector.” It is recommended that the student complete an IMSA-sponsored course prior to taking the written examination. However, individuals may purchase a manual or CD-ROM and are permitted to challenge the exam after self-study of the Traffic Signal Inspector Manual.


  • Work Zone Temporary Traffic Control Certification or BC TCP (must provide copy of valid certificate)
  • One year electrical or construction field experience
  • Effective August 1 2018, IMSA Traffic Signal Technician Level 1 Certification

Who Should Participate:
Individuals who are involved with inspection duties at traffic signal projects will benefit by taking this seminar. Proper construction practices need to be followed during Traffic Signal Installation Projects. This seminar covers most all aspects of insuring the installation and safety regarding a quality construction project.

Benefits of These Programs:
The goal of these seminars is to provide Traffic Signal Inspectors with the knowledge to allow them to deal with all aspects of Traffic Signal Installation projects. In an era where cost effectiveness is vital in public works projects, this program will benefit the people charged to see that these projects are constructed safely and efficiently

Certification Renewal Policy:
While IMSA memberships are purchased annually, IMSA Certifications are valid for a period of 3 years from date of issue.  There are three options for renewal ... Read more