Traffic Signal Construction Technician Level 2 Certification Program

Program Description:

The Traffic Signal Construction Technician Level II certification designates the holder as having a well rounded background in traffic signal technology from seminar work and experience. The Level II Construction certification indicates the technician has additional training on traffic signal control system construction, safety, materials, methods and equipment. Activities covered include: safe operation of construction equipment (from concrete saws to cranes), planning activities, documentation and installation of conduits, poles, mast arms, signal heads, cabinet and inductive loops. Setup and testing of a new signal installation will also be reviewed. The certifi- cation holder will be prepared to make a substantial contribution to the traffic signal construction group of a private firm or a public agency where new or replacement traffic signal construction is the focus.


  • Work Zone Temporary Traffic Control Certification or BC TCP (must provide copy of valid certificate)
  • Traffic Signal Technician Level I
  • Two years experience in the traffic signal field

Who Should Participate:
Individuals who participate in all aspects of Traffic Signal specialties should participate in these seminars. That includes everyone from Traffic Signal operations people to Traffic Signal Design and management. The materials and seminars are a valuable resource for people seeking training to expand their knowledge in design, installation, and maintenance of traffic signal systems.

Benefits of These Programs:
These seminars will take the student through all levels and facets of Traffic Signal maintenance and operations. Each level will enhance the students knowledge and understanding of the Traffic Signal Technician field.

Certification Renewal Policy:
While IMSA memberships are purchased annually, IMSA Certifications are valid for a period of 3 years from date of issue.  There are three options for renewal ... Read more