Roadway Lighting Technician Level I Study Guide (US$)

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The Level 1 Roadway Lighting Certification course for qualified personnel is designed to aid individuals in the understanding fundamental aspects of Roadway Lighting. Additionally, the review material will address electrical safety and codes, basic electricity and laws, and basic construction and maintenance. 

The principal objectives of the course are: 

(a) Develop a good working knowledge of electrical safety and safe equipment operation, electrical laws and electric codes, 
(b) Introduce basic maintenance and construction concepts for roadway lighting components,
(c) Provide an introduction to roadway lighting and the necessary bases to help the participant's readiness for the examination which follows
(d) Provide the necessary bases for the participants who successfully completed the examination to proceed to attain the Roadway Lighting Level II Certification in the future. 

At the conclusion of each of the seminar sections, the participant will be exposed to questions representative of the the type contained in the certification examination.

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