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Membership is made up of persons employed by a governmental organization (city, state, federal, provincial, etc.) and private corporations who are interested in promoting public safety.  The Association's objective through education and certification is to improve the efficiency, installation, construction, and maintenance of public safety equipment and systems by providing information to its membership on traffic signals, fire alarm systems, radio communications, signs and markings, roadway lighting, public safety dispatching and other related systems.

IMSA Membership Brochure



The membership of IMSA is divided into Sections. Each Section covers a specific geographical area or membership grouping. Section Meetings are attended by IMSA members and other interested persons in the area. The meeting format allows for personal contact with exchange of ideas between participants. Mutual problems are discussed and solutions are presented. In addition, technical papers on a variety of helpful topics are presented by members, engineers, and other experts.

IMSA Section Geographical Map

Classes of Membership

Membership in IMSA shall be in the following classes - click on class for qualifications and costs.
(a) Active

(b) Public Agency

(c) Associate

(d) Student

(e) Sustaining


Membership Qualifications

 (a)  Active Members - US$100.00 per year -  Any employee or official of a governmental agency or employee of a private construction company who is actively engaged in any of the public safety operations as defined in ARTICLE II of the Constitution, or any person who is actively engaged in such operations in Emergency Medical Service or Civil Defense Systems (Civil Preparedness), shall be eligible for Active Membership. Except as hereinafter specified, the privileges of voting and holding office are limited to Active Members.  On-Line Application for Membership

 (b) Public Agency Members - US$70.00 - US$90.00 per year/per member -  Any local, county, state, provincial, or other governmental body or agency concerned with the objectives of the Association as defined in ARTICLE II of the Constitution, shall be eligible for Public Agency Membership. In order to qualify for Public Agency Membership, there must be a minimum of three (3) individuals, who might otherwise qualify for active membership, from the same organization.  Please call 1-800-723-4672 to set up your public agency membership.

 (c) Associate Members - US$100.00 per year -  Any individual (not eligible for Active Membership), or any commercial, industrial, or non-profit organization, having special knowledge, experience, or interest in any phase of the Association's activities shall be eligible for Associate Membership and any such organization may designate an individual as its representative. Associate Members shall not have the right to hold office, except as Secretary or Treasurer of a Section, nor shall they have the right to vote except on Association or Section Committees to which they may be elected or appointed.  Online Application for Membership

 (d) Student Members - US$35.00 per year -  Any full-time student of an accredited college or university enrolled in public-safety programs as defined in ARTICLE II of the Constitution shall be eligible for Student Membership. Upon graduation the student member may be admitted to membership in an appropriate category.  Please call 1-800-723-4672 to join as a student. You will be required to provide proof of enrollment and your graduation year.

 (e) Sustaining Members - US$500.00 - US$1600.00 per year - Any individual, firm, organization, or corporation with special knowledge, experience or interest in the objectives of the Association as defined in ARTICLE II of the Constitution, desirous of aiding and furthering these objectives, shall be eligible for Sustaining Membership. Firms, organizations, or corporations may designate an individual as its representative at the Sustaining Members Section Meetings.  Please call 1-800-723-4672 to set up your sustaining membership.