Introduction to Traffic Signals - Design and Operation

May 1st. and 2nd. 2019 at 08:00 


Participant Skill Level: EIT; Junior Engineer; Junior Tech/Electrician; Junior Signal Designer.

Covering Topics:

  • Reasons for Traffic Signals;
  • Industry standards and practices for reference;
  • Traffic Signal Design Considerations;
  • Traffic Signal Equipment Overview;
  • Traffic Signal Equipment Programming and Configuration Considerations
  • Traffic Signal Design Drawings and Specifications Overview;
  • Traffic Signal Timings and Coordination Overview;
  • Traffic Signal Construction; (Designers/Inspectors Perspective)

The attendees will be introduced to all aspects of the development of traffic signal design ranging from the planning/engineering evaluation and justification process through to traffic signal construction oversight. Some traffic signal equipment will be on-hand to bring a "real-world" perspective to traffic signal equipment and equipment programming considerations.

Instructors: Larry Parks and Graeme Kraft

Cost: $950 + GST

This is a Two Day Special Education (Non-Certification) Seminar.


Introduction to Traffic Signals - Design and Operation Registration