IMSA Certification

IMSA, working closely with the IMSA Educational Foundation, began certification of individuals involved with various public safety activities in 1982. Today over 70,000 individuals have attained IMSA certification in their field of public safety. IMSA membership is not a requirement to obtain certification. The attainment of certification is a means for individuals to indicate to the general public, coworkers, employers, and others that an impartial, nationally-recognized organization has determined that they are qualified to perform specific technical tasks by virtue of their technical knowledge and experiences. Certification also bestows a sense of achievement upon the certificant, since it reflects professional advancement in a chosen field. Certification can also provide an entry into many job assignments that otherwise would be difficult to obtain, since employers recognize certification as an indication of the individual's ability to do specific job tasks without the need for on-the-job training.

IMSA currently offers certification in the following fields:

  • Interior Fire Alarm System Technician 
  • Municipal Fire Alarm System Technician
  • Public Safety Dispatcher
  • Roadway Signs and Markings
  • Roadway Lighting
  • Traffic Signal Technician

Work Zone Traffic Safety Persons seeking certification must purchase a certification manual for the appropriate program and level and pass a proctored examination. IMSA highly recommends that the participant enroll in a moderated review program but it is not required for certification. Those participants who wish to review the material in a self study process and challenge the examination may do so. Moderated programs are held at various locations throughout the year. IMSA will present a program at your location upon request. In order to keep costs low IMSA recommends a minimum class size of twenty participants. Smaller groups will be accommodated with incrementally higher costs.