British Columbia Section

2021-2022 AGM May 27, 2021 at 1500 via Webex

 Nominations and Election of the 2021-2022 Executive Board of Directors will take place via Webex at its Annual General Meeting.

Executive and Director Nomination forms will be distributed via email to the email address listed in your International Membership profile.  Please check and update your profile immediately.

While nominations will be accepted at the AGM, the preference is to receive the nominations electronically.  Nominees must accept the nomination in writing or while in attendance at the AGM.

Voting must occur at the AGM, proxies will not be accepted.  Only members in good standing can vote at the AGM.

Meeting invitations will be sent to members only using the email address on file in your International Membership Profile.



COVID-19 VIRUS Announcement

Participants in IMSA Certification Schools and IMSA BC sponsored events, while generally not in the COVID-19 Virus high risk category, are an integral part of the Public Safety, Public Infrastructure and Emergency Operations resource base.  In consideration of this, the IMSA BC Board of Directors has decided to postpone upcoming Certification Schools until late October or as the situation requires.  Our AGM has been cancelled for this year.  Participants on waiting lists or registered for Certification Schools will be notified by email as events unfold.

*****   COVID-19 Virus Public Information Link   *****

*****   COVID-19 Virus Professional and Organizer Information Link   *****

Please click on the following link to view the latest IMSA B.C. Section Newsletter (pdf)



IMSA International has been contemplating an online registration system for some years now.  The COVID restrictions were the push to get it into reality!  If all works "as advertised" the BC section will be able to provide Certification schools both in person, online or a combination.  Writing the exam will require either in person proctoring or a desktop/laptop/tablet equipped with camera and microphone.  If you ZOOM, you are ready to go!  The online platform is scheduled to go live in February but some preparation by the moderators is required so we are hoping to be ready for the usual Spring Certification School offerings.

Wishing everybody all the best for a Safe (and socialy distanced) Holiday Season! We all hope that 2021 will bring better times!




Employment Opportunity- Traffic Signal Technician II - Saanich - Permanent Full Time



IMSA BC is getting SOCIAL!

With remote work becoming our "new normal" and conferences cancelled,  IMSA BC is moving forward with "Socially Distanced" ways to keep our group connected, informed and safe. We are excited to announce the launch of IMSA BC on LinkedIN!  Connect with us on now (Insert link here), where we will share information on upcoming conferences and events, IMSA certifications and training, career postings, and relevant traffic news. Other than staying informed, what's in it for you? This is an opportunity for YOU to connect easily with your colleagues in the traffic industry, and grow your network. YOU can be the first to share industry news with us as you find it, voice your opinions, and educate others. We can't wait to connect with you all online!   

Follow IMSA BC on LinkedIN now!      


Certification Renewal!

All IMSA certifications are valid for a three year period from date of issue. The expiration date can be found on the certificate and certification card. Renewal requirements must be completed prior to the expiration date of the individual’s current certification(s).  IMSA Renewal Information    IMSA C.E.C. Opportunities


Worksafe BC Participation!

Worksafe BC undertakes extensive public consultation on regulation and policy issues and that WorkSafeBC is required to hold a public hearing before changes can be made to the Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.   This is an opportunity industry stakeholders and for "Subject Matter Experts" to become involved in the development of regulations and policy.   Follow the link:  WorkSafeBC Current Public Hearings and Consultations